Monday, August 14, 2017

Hydrangea: Original Art on Wood

My love affair with flowers seems to just go on and on... last week I finished this painting (another acrylic on wood panel) of a vase of hydrangeas (picked from our own backyard!). This piece measures 12x16x1 inches in size and is ready to hang. It has been praised as being a very "delicate" painting, which is quite a compliment. Very rarely has the word delicate been attributed to anything to do with me and so, I suppose that means I am making improvements as an artist or, at least, I am still growing as one. That's exactly what I hope for. 

Also, I seem to be going through an "aquamarine" phase.

This painting has been added to my Etsy Shop and is now for SALE

Sunday, August 6, 2017


(My reference photo)

Abstract art and surrealism don't really ring my bells. I like a really well painted thing. I like to see technicality at its best. I like realism with a flare. I like things to just come together. So as tempted as I am to just sling paint around and call it good enough, I am much more satisfied with myself if I try to adhere to some semblance of realism when I paint. Especially when I paint flowers. Particularly when I paint flowers.

I've said this to several people already and I will say it again here: technically speaking, this is probably the best painting I have ever done. I love everything about it. I love the colours, I love the way the centre of the poppy looks so real and true. I love all of that. I also love that the reference photo I used to paint this came from my own experience... I went for a nice long walk through the Uptown core of Saint John on a bright and beautiful morning and I came across a little garden with two or three poppies just beaming in the sunlight. So, I snapped the photo, came home, printed it, and then used it as a reference for this piece of art. So, it's all me. It's all flower, but its all me. It came together so well. I couldn't be more proud of this little gem. 

It is painted on a wooden panel and it measure 10 (width) and 8 (height) inches in size. It is available in my Etsy Shop and I have feeling it might not last long. 

Monday, July 24, 2017


My husband said 

I look like a woman in her lair 

in these photos. 

I told him 

these spider analogies have got to stop,


We all know I am an evil temptress 


I never did take to weaving.