Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alice In Wonderland: The Rabbit Hole.

(art and poetry-such as it is)
by Jody Noelle Coughlin

Down the rabbit hole, I fly away home
The devil made me do it, I say to the spiders and gnomes.
They shake their head no and point to the heavens above.
To the sounds of the diabolical dove
The unhindered chant of Florence and the Machine
That red-headed siren sings a song mean.

I look down the hole and wonder what should I do
Should I jump right in or ride on through
To the morning where the mirrors don’t lie
Where You’ve been a good girl can be it’s reply

But what fun is that-to be good all the time?
Is Madonna or Jack or that guy from Sublime?
Why the answer is no, no-they made their descent
They took their little pills and down the rabbit hole they went

And I crave it, I crave it, I crave it too
Especially if it means I can lie next to you
Of course, not for real, but perhaps in a dream
Because nothing down here is quite what it seems

And I like it, I like it, I like it this way
I’ve come to revel and I’ve come to play
Life up above is so stringent with rules
I’ll stay down here with the like-minded fools

I’ll drink from the bottle and I’ll drink from the cup
I will grow very large and then I’ll shrink up
It matters not to me what these things do
Only that around each corner is something brand new

Boredom, she’s enemy and dullness the cursed
Stay above ground? Up there is the worst!
Down in the darkness I lie here with you
Calm washes over and it’s something quite new.

Down the rabbit hole. Down down down down.
Down in the dark and deep underground.
At first I thought I wanted to be free
But no, I don’t. I want the dark to consume me

Eye by eye, toe by toe
Arm by arm, body and soul.
Eat me. Drink me. Chew on my skin.
Take me down deeper, deeper within.

...Down The Rabbit Hole.


  1. i'll be reading that again and again; picture's great, too!

  2. Well! What a take on an old story! Love it!
    Alice in Wonderland, herself.

  3. Thank-you, Alice (In Wonderland) Haha!

    And thank-you, Rob! :)

  4. So love this Jody! I have been without a computer so am just catching up on you!! I hope to get mine back soon. PS she would make an awesome Tumblr post... :)

  5. Hey Suzy Q, I've been wondering how things are with you!

  6. Feel free to post it on Tumblr... anything of mine you can post whenever you like :)

    I'm not on there at all these days. Too many other irons in the fire-too many to keep track of it seems.