Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Endless Night

by Jody Noelle Coughlin (Doughty)

All alone.

I screamed.
I ranted.
I raved.

And so it ends.
So it begins.




I need to heal.
I close my eyes to pray.
To God.
To heaven.
To Earth.

Release me from the past.
Release me from the pain.
From the memories.
From the lies.

I was a rebellious child.
It's true.
Tempestuous and defiant.
All true.

I still am.
I always will be.

I've got to go.
This isn't home to me anymore.

Put your ring on my finger and let it shine ever so bright.
Guide me, lead me, from this endless night.

Take me to the new day's dawn.

Keep me.

Hold me.

Till I am gone.

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