Monday, May 17, 2010


Now when the letters ceased to splay
Across the screen and far away
And her words she did not say
Silent upon the month of May

Her heart did shift from black to blue when
(of course)
She thought of you.
She didn't know just what to do.
But silence seemed to take it's cue.

And love repaired the damaged bridge
And hope gave way across the ridge
Of lives that seemed so unlived.
And all the things that simply went ungived.

It's not that her words were junk or lies
It's just that, much to her surprise,
Finally did 'ope the eyes
Of the one to whom she brides.

So, the letter T did this way fall
Dropped down upon the stoney wall
Not as though it were defeating
(But, because, my Dear)
Now it seemed like... cheating

So, no more does she write the will.
Of a past she liked to kill.
The memory of a certain Jill.
Who's Jack was just an imbecile.

So take no pain from this poem now.
Do not feel left out somehow.
Just visit the page and recall the vow.
(She's crazy now anyhow)

She's lost the bloom upon the rose.
She's older now and so it goes.
She's not the temptress you once knew.
Though it was fun whilst it grew.

And now, my Dear?


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