Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Life Is An Open Book... Well, sort of.

Toast and tea :)

Olivia and my Grandmother-March 2009


Isaiah. He's grown a lot since last summer!

My studio sign that I put up and take down and put up and take down. I've decided to leave it down until the studio is finished inside and out. So, maybe next year I'll put it back up?!

View from my studio's back window.
Harvest time, last fall.

Ian took the kids for a drive... I think it is a secret rendezvous to buy me a Mother's Day something or other. Which, yes, I am a sucker for. My son wrote me a little note for Mother's Day about how he loved me, he said he thought I was beautiful and if there is something that will make a Momma cry, that'd be it. How I hope to be perceived as beautiful by my son and daughter! My daughter made a little craft at school, too. A sunflower. It's adorable!

Summer is almost here. Last summer was as magical as any summer ever has been up here on Palmer Road, under the canopy of trees and the unending sea of trout lilies and trilliums. Sometimes I am so busy looking within I forget to see what is happening without. Beauty abounds. Is bountiful.

I woke up early this morning and took our pup (who is not really a pup anymore) for a walk. The birdsong was strong, the air was fresh. Apples trees are just starting to blossom here. My favorite thing in the whole world.

I've been so reluctant to share my life openly here. I think I fear that, like mist in a strong wind, exposure will blow it all away and the magic will be lost forever. But, then again, I think my fears are ridiculous and so, I'm sharing a few photos of my family tonight. I thought I might, just to say "This is us. This is who we are. We are peaceful people who love the woods and our kids and each other."

That's about enough sharing, though. For now.