Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pretty Pretty.

I played model yesterday. I modeled for an art class last winter (or was it the winter before?) and that was fun. So was this little experiment. And it also was fun. Modeling is fun-or so I have learned.

I decided I would enter Darling Dilemma's Photo Contest . The focus of these photos is meant to be the earrings I bought from her Etsy shop for myself for my birthday. The earrings are not always as visible as I would like (hey-we're amateurs here) but when they are I think they look great.

I am posting these because I wanted documented proof that once in a while I actually do something with my hair and I wear a little make-up. And I feel pretty. This post will be referenced about three weeks from now when I am in some sort of premenstrual slump. A reminder I guess. Every woman needs one.