Friday, December 3, 2010


Part II

Well, I am home. I managed to squelch my fears and ended up having a great day. The best part was the long drive to pay the vet bill (which we forgot about) from when our beloved Lilith died. She was a soul for bringing people together somehow and today was one of those days. Do dogs ever really die or just recycle their spirit into new pups? I have always wondered that.

Our dog Wally, alive and well, was spoiled rotten today (to use an old saying handed down for generations). We bought her a dead looking stuffed (non-stuffed) animal and she is just like a kid at Christmas. Happy as can be... Cute stuff.

So I beat my nervousness. I wore a lot of dark eye-liner today which somehow enhanced my sense of self. Which is what is needed. One of the things I wanted to do so I did it and it was very very effectively effective.

Ian is off to work. It's me, a few wild kids, animals and maybe some friends and family tonight. A lot junk food and cheesy Christmas tunes.

I was okay today. I was just fine.

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