Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Global Warming?

I read an article on the Weather Network's website stating Canada will be seeing the effects of global warming more so than other countries. Well, if last night was any sort of indicator, then we are in for a real treat.

Here in the maritimes we experienced torrential downpours for hours on end. My family and I live on one of the highest peaks in the county and even we had water in our basement last night. I knew if we were having problems than the rest of the county must be as well. It was a rather harrowing experience because our bedroom, living room, wood stove and books and everything we love is in our basement. But it wasn't bad. We had about an inch of water. Maybe more in places. I think we lost a braided rug (unless we can get it dried out before it molds) but that is all. Other people in the province experienced severe flooding in their homes and that is not fun. School was cancelled. Roads have been washed out. There are sink holes cropping up. It's bad.

Check out these photos of the infrastructure damage here.

It's hard to believe just a few short days ago we woke up to the winter wonderland. Now it looks like Spring on a bender.

It's scary.

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