Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Not All Bad

I woke up this morning to this fun treasury I discovered via twitter. All these colors were a happy thing to see on a cool December morning. A bright morning. This is what it is like here: cold. Blue sky the color of? Well, blue sky.

I am just now thinking about my grammatical errors. I am a New Brunswicker with low confidence in my literary skills. I used to think I had it all figured out... All that talk of illiteracy? Maybe we are illiterate. I don't think that really makes the case for us as a province, though. What I think we are is a culture in and of ourselves. Sea on the one side, Quebec on the other? Try putting yourself in our shoes? We are so busy learning french we haven't perfected our english. But forget all of those politics. What it really really is is this (grammar?): We are a people steeped in our unique brand of culture. We are world famous for our colloquiums (now there is a bitch of a word to spell first thing in the morning).

Yes I just got up.

We are famous for our beauty: second to none. Unique and rare and curvy. Cooly exotic. We are famous for our unabashed love of sex. We are famous for our drinking. Our family. Our sense of equality (for the most part). Most of our parents go to church almost every Sunday.

Money is the great divider here. Money and authority. We also live next to Maine so what can you do? Not that Maine is a real authoritarian place to be-it's just that the winds of American ideals blow across our path from time to time. Mixed culture. Take me for example. My father was an American from Maine. I have a ton of relatives there whom I barely know. So what? New Brunswickers (at times) also decide for themselves what they will and won't care about.

Is that weird?

Sure we have folks who come along and look down their long skinny noses at us and walk away shaking their head after several attempts to get us to see their point of view (as the right point of view). We have left many a politician befuddled (especially the smart ones who try to make changes that could actually work). We say nay to the idea of a media free of oily hands (what? I told you I wasn't going to shut-up about that).

But we have love. I think I said that once already. We are a free people in our own way. We are quiet (unless drunk or jealous). We have a lot (alot) to be thankful for.

Hey? It is Christmas. I am allowed to wax sentimental am I not?

Anyway. I think that's enough for one day. I took a 360 degree photo shoot of my kitchen and I think it says a lot of things I cannot.

Happy Holidays. Keep it real. Don't commercialize (too much).