Sunday, December 12, 2010

Magical Morning.

Last night during the midnight drive home a cool misty fog had risen from the ground. It was a tricky ride back to the cozy little cottage in the woods. But, we made it home safe and sound. The wood fire gently warmed the house. We slept in peace.

And when I woke up this morning a glassy haze hovered over the horizon and frost had formed on everything that stood still and everything stood still all night long. It was a real winter wonderland. The kind that takes your breath away. The kind that demands you take notice. I went outside with my camera and then I went inside and woke my husband because I knew he would not want to miss the magic. We both went back outside to take it all in. It was beautiful.

Here is what I saw:


  1. That first photo is amazing is that what you saw from your window???
    I really really love the last photo. Even though I dislike spiders...well not entirely just inside my house or car.

  2. This is the view from the back deck-all except the spider web. Those are on the front deck... Creepy yet totally harmless. I don't like spiders either. But living here you have to learn to love them because they are everywhere. Cuts down on the mosquito problem in the summer more than people might think, too, which is a bonus~!