Friday, December 17, 2010


I watched a film last night called Awful Normal . This film is a documentary about two women (sisters) who suffered sexual abuse at the hands (or shall I say penis) of a friend of the family when they were little. Without going into gruesome details, the events that occurred happened to two young girls under the age of ten. Now in their thirties they finally found the strength and will to confront their abuser. That's over 20 years of carrying one very heavy weight.

My heart went out to these girls. I am becoming increasingly interested in learning about the effects of sexual abuse/assault upon the human psyche-especially now that I am in the midst of counseling and coping with my own experience with sexual assault. The thing that really struck me was how the mind is really and truly unable to process an event like this. Even if you want to brush it off like it was (or is) nothing, your body will not let you. Your brain protests with every cell. The only way forward is to go back.

These girls found peace upon confronting this family friend. Once he took ownership of his behavior and actions they were able to heal. I hope that is not the only way healing can be achieved because I seriously do not want to go down that road...

It is no easy hill to climb. The effects go on and on and take a world of strength to conquer.

Interesting documentary. Well worth watching. It's real. Raw.


  1. I have been lurking for a while. I just wanted to say that I have had healing from my childhood abuse without having to confront my abuser. The choice has partially been mine, partially circumstance. At this stage of the game I'm ready to just leave it in the past and it seems to be staying there.

  2. HI Johanna.

    Thank you for your candor. I've been on the road to healing for a while now. I think I am also ready to leave it in the past and I have no desire for a confrontation at all. I can't stand to be in the same room with him so that sort of hinders the confrontation process. I could never do it.

    Anyway, there is just too much to look forward to. I am tired of looking back.

    Lurk away. That's half the fun :)