Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Time For...

According to the clock on my wall it is officially 2011. I didn't ever think I would make it this far in time. In life. Yet here I am. Happier than I knew existed. We march along. We sing our song.

I, of course, reflect. It has been a wonderful and frightening year. A year of endurance and tests of love and faith and perseverance. We've pushed through a lot of barriers. Some based on want. Others based on need.

The icing on the cake was the last few days. Friends called or stopped by or connected in word or deed. Good friends. The ones you can count on to accept and love you despite your personal truths. It's a good thing, to feel love from people who are not connected to you by blood alone. Something is pure therein. Then again, nothing replaces the love of family.

So many things tempt me toward the future.

I am the only one in the house awake at this hour. The hour is almost 4 am-New Brunswick time. It's a grand thing to focus on the New Year all alone. That is not to say I am lonely, just that I am here, at my kitchen table and savoring a brief solitude.

I am looking at the lights and drinking a few of Ian's beers. I am playing with my black Lab named Wally who is a girl. I am looking at the lights (again) of our extremely lovely Christmas tree. I am in the woods and alive. I am in my home. Ten years we have been each other's constant companion. We haven't always gotten along.

However, just yesterday I goofed around in the back yard. In the snow. My dog stole my hat right off my head after she jumped on me. I laughed. It was funny. No-it was fantastic.

I felt better without the hat anyway. Without it my head could breath.

Happy New Year.

Love to past enemies.
Peace to lost friends.
Happiness to family.
Joy to all.

Love and do harm to none.


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