Friday, January 14, 2011

Alone Time

It's funny how you end up using cutesy phrases when you are a parent. Like "alone time" for example. Before I became a mom I would have simply said "there is nobody home" but when the kids are at my sister's house and I am home alone it is definitely ALONE TIME! Yessir!

And then there is the bath. We are still calling it a tubby. Tubby time even though my kids are not babies and rarely define bath time as tubby time anymore, yet it still sticks with me. Go figure. Every event is marked by a silly phrase. Beddy-bye time. Or bedtime snack time. Whatever...

Ah well, what can you do? You can crank up the tunes, crack open a Moosehead (beer not the animal) and  revel in the fact that you are indeed savoring, reveling and enjoying "alone time" that doesn't include sneaking around the house well after midnight just to get a brief moment of solitude for the first time in recent memory! Good times.

Here's to my sister who is the world's greatest Aunt, hands down! Thanks Beany Baby!

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