Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jody Got Her Groove Back

Well now, where to begin? It's been a wild weekend for me and my artwork. I've been having this feeling (or perhaps I've been projecting some positive vibes) that I would find my groove again this year. So far so good.

It took me a long time to get passed the heart break of losing my reporter/columnist job so long ago... My column! My published artwork! All gone in one fell swoop. Nothing left now but the scrapbook (which I have never actually started).

But, I tried to be patient with myself. I recovered from what I can only assume was some sort of burnout. I quit teaching art classes. I didn't have the heart for it any more. I'm on the fence about giving up a position on the board of Directors for a local art festival called Paint the Heartland. All I really want to do is focus on my family and my art and my health and my marriage and all this wonderful snow. I want to live genuinely and carefully. I want to be humble and quiet.

Having said all of that I would really like to also say how happy I feel to have experienced a few little successes this weekend. Firstly, a painting of mine is going to be featured on the website of a midwife from the United States (not yet up and running as far as I know). I will tell you more when I know more.

Also, I sold three prints last night and several last week and last but not least I just learned I my painting titled "Motherhood" will be featured in an upcoming edition of The Birth Project. What an honor!

I also finished a new painting today called "When Trina Dreams". It's absolutely beautiful. I named it after my sister, Trina, who continues to inspire me with her love of vivid colors and her beautiful dreams about life. I love her so much!! I can't wait to show her the new painting!

Lots of good things happening. Lots of blessings. Lots of love.

Photos to come.

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