Friday, January 21, 2011

Nor' Easter!

What is a Nor' Easter? It has nothing to do with bunnies and chocolate or Jesus either. It's a snow storm. A bad one (or a good one depending on how you feel about snow). I happen to love snow. I love winter. I do. It's my favorite time of year. A North Eastern wind is what happens. North Eastern winds are ferocious and especially up here on Weather Top. Our miniature mountain. Snow blows like mad. If you open the door you will get a blast of it all right in the face. Divine.

Ian and I went out for another romp in the snow this morning. We took our dog. It was great. The snow was up to my knees in places (as if that is way up on my five-foot-one frame). I did not bring my camera because the last thing I wanted to do while walking through a field of snow was worry about my baby Canon. I love her too much to risk her life. Hehe... So no pictures of the beauty. Just close your eyes and picture gorgeous. There. You've got it.

What else is there to do during a Nor' Easter? Well, make cookies, of course. I've become one of those types of moms who takes pictures of the food I've made for my family. It's a love thing.

Cookies. Snow. Cookies. Snow.

The wood fire is burning. The kid's cheeks are rosy. The storm is brewing.

Nap time? Yes. Nap time for Momma.


  1. Sure thing. I will e-mail it to you tomorrow :) I've found your e-mail address on your profile page. And oh man! Those cookies are good! I don't dare tell you how many I've had today. Let's just say I skipped supper and went right for dessert.