Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

This crazy cold month is really getting to me. The wind is almost constant and, you know, mundane house repairs come to the forefront of your mind when something as small as door knob needs fixed on the north side of the house where the ice is the iciest. Draft? Ah-yup.

Thankfully, the wood fire downstairs is chugging at a nice hot temp. Blankets are a must. It's all about bundling up on a day like today. Movies. Snacks. Sex. Sleep in. In the opposite order. What?

I've made a few more necklaces with hand-painted pendants. I didn't have a jungle theme in mind (who ever does?) but upon completion it seemed like that's the direction I went. They are pretty and funky and sweet. Like me.  :) Or so I've been told.

Necklaces available here.

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