Thursday, March 10, 2011


Honestly? I am very glad winter is at an end now. Eleven days left to this challenging and mysterious season. The moon glowed brightly last night even though it has not yet waxed half-full.

It grows by night. Night by night.

To compliment the aura of the pretty rock of white the sky was a hazy grey. The night before the stars sparkled on and on. I feel so immersed in the goings on of the trees, the sky, the wind. Ice and snow. Warmth and sun. It's all around me.

I am anxious for Spring. Her life force erupting in rivulets running down the road. Birds chirping sweetly. Breezes warmer but cool still. I want it to happen so badly. I do!

Our boy turns ten years old next month. A decade of parenthood. Wow. We made it this far? Yes. We made it this far.

Today I feel the emotional tug of another cycle completing itself. I feel blue and sad and sorry for myself.   Energy shifts. The magnetism pulls. I think. I miss. I cry.

I am okay.

It is time to take time for me. Time to rest a little while and catch up with my self and my world.

Soon the sap will run. We will collect it. Boil it down down down. We will eat it on french toast and pancakes. It will taste like heaven.

I spend my time immersed in paint.

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  1. reading this breathed a bit of life into me
    love lisa