Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Love to Love You, Love.

The first desire I had when I started painting was to prove myself as an artist. By that I mean I wanted to create really "cool" paintings dealing with mostly portraiture. Portraiture was always something that perplexed me and challenged me as long as I can remember.

I created some interesting (and well received) pieces of work. From there I dabbled in floral/abstract, moody watercolors, emotionally rich oils and charcoal mountain ranges. It was all very fun and I learned a lot and I have no regrets about my progress and process at all.

Then, one day I realized that I haven't got time to get all caught up in creating something for any other reason other than for fun. My mom always told me life is not all about having fun. I seemed especially fixated on fun when I was a kid... Oh dear.

Well, if life isn't about fun then what the (BLEEP)is it about? I think she was wrong about this. I think life should be mostly fun (ie-entertaining, amusing, pleasurable, diverting). That doesn't mean I am draped over a velour carpet sucking champagne and munching grapes and chocolate covered strawberries. It means I focus more on the things I enjoy and less on the things I do not. Easy.

All of this is just a fancy was of saying the last two paintings I created were of animals. I used to make fun (there's that word again) of people who painted animals when I was a teenager. Now-look who's eating her words? It's the most enjoyable experience I've had as a painter lately. So? Don't judge me. Just know that I love to love animals.

The whale painting is a recent commission and is already sold. It's 16x20 acrylic on canvas. The other painting of the cardinals is not sold. It is 24x18 acrylic on canvas. I will be listing it in my Etsy Shop soon. I'll provide a link when I do.

I love to paint. I do. It's fun.

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