Thursday, March 17, 2011


Do my posts sound weak? They are. I bite my tongue. Mindful of spewing negative spit everywhere. Words tumble out when they grow in shape and form. Enough to fill an entire void.

We are fools if we think the Planet could not shrug us off like the leaves we are if she wants to. We are silly to think she lacks a consciousness. We are very full of ourselves to think her consciousness is not connected to creative energy of some kind. Higher than us. Something that knows how to solve a problem. Something capable of taking back what is hers.

It seems pretty obvious to me. More everyday.

If you burrowed a hole in my skin so that you might live on my body, I would do my best to get rid of you. I do not like pain. I would want to survive.

Does she? Yes. Of course she does.


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  1. nice. lets try to be good gardeners not thieves.