Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love in the Sugar Shack?

We've tapped our maples again this year (we couldn't last year because Ian was so busy with college and I was doing I can't remember what) and I boiled down our first batch yesterday. I forgot how sublime the taste of fresh genuine maple syrup is. It is the most magical thing in the world. Sweetness from a tree.

Ian said that we can declare our home a sugar shack for sure now since we are in full maple syrup production mode. Well... we will be as soon as the weather warms up. It's freezing outside right now and the sap just won't run.


Did you celebrate Earth Hour? I hope so. My family and I did. We turned off all the lights, unplugged everything, sparked up some candles and enjoyed the reprieve. Isaiah and my niece Abigail played chess (she won!). Olivia and Ian played with a battery operated Crayola light drawing thing (which I secretly thought was cheating). I milled around watching everyone do their thing (snapping photos as usual). The best part of it all was when the quiet came over the household just as we shut the electricity down. You could almost feel the house sigh as if to say... Ah-that's better.

My hippy-love-child within would love to make this a regular routine. It's so nice to just be. No distractions. It's so nice to listen to silence. To allow your eyes to adjust to darkness. To absorb candle light.

So yes. Between the maple syrup and Earth Hour we seem to be able to find a really sweet spot of happiness around here. It goes on for miles. Sugar Shack? Maybe. Love Shack? Definitely.

Love shack, baby.

Today I am up early enough to catch the sunrise. But I am going back to bed for a while. Happy Sunday everyone. Don't forget to rest a little today.

Would you like to see photos from our first attempt at tapping our trees? Go HERE.


  1. you need to buy the rest of the woods around your place before it gets cut. it will get cut if you don't. do not doubt this. whoever owns the land gets old, dies. mcains or some other big roller, buys it. the trees are seen as limiting their productivity, and guess what. your house is surrounded by nothing but potatoes. don't let it happen. protect what you can. i love you.

  2. mmm so jealous - I want some of that Maple Syrup goodness.

    Maybe you should give tours of your sugar shack ;)