Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moving On

I felt like doing a little traveling for the first time in ten years. I checked out bus fares and plane tickets and also train tickets, but it is a little to expensive for me right now seeing how I am saving up so my family and I can head to the Bahamas next March. It is my sincere hope this urge to go go go keeps up up up til next year year year.

Oh my. My nieces and nephew are growing up. They are learning all kinds of wonderful things and have been saying things like "dick sauce" and "cum credits" (as in cumulative credits). I, their aunt, love them always. However, I don't necessarily  like   enjoy the imagery this kind of talk conjures. Having said that I wasn't much better when I was their age. We just didn't have facebook to flaunt it. We had something called "year book".

Moving on.

Last night was the supermoon and she was something. We went for a midnight drive to see it. We stopped at Sobey's since it is open around the clock now. The kids enjoyed trekking around the grocery store in their pjs.

I've decided instead of rushing head long into future plans I would invest a little time and effort into our little house/cottage. I've decided to see what I can do to perk it up with the things I have laying around the house. So far, it's a colorful and inexpensive "reno".

Maybe someday I will grow up and want a house that looks like it popped off the page of House and Home. For now-not so freaking much.

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