Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sweet Nectar of Life

I am something of a recluse. I am. It's a personal choice. I just like being home. I get this from my grandfather on my dad's side. He never left the house. But, he was a war veteran and I suspect by the time he got a chance to stay put without risking life and limb, he was glad to do so. His name was Ralph Doughty. He was pretty nice from what I can remember.

I have never fought in a war. I still like to be home though.

So when someone half-way around the world contacted me about my art work and how it had a positive affect on them I was honored. I forget sometimes that the world wide web will do that for you-connect you to the world-you know?

I am very pleased to tell you that my work is featured here... by a blogger from Sweden named Alessandra. What a pleasure to have her contact me to share her thoughts on my birth art titled Incision. Thank-you Alessandra! She has also translated her post in Finnish. Here.

Please stop by and have a look. There is a piece written in English at the bottom of the post. My blog post about my cesarean birth experience can be found here.

When I wake up in the morning I wonder what value I have as an artist. I doubt myself a lot but then there are times when I am so glad that my intuitions and ability to relay them through an image helps someone feel connected to this-the human experience.

In other news: pure maple syrup is GOOD FOR YOU! Of course it is! Ent Juice!

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