Friday, April 22, 2011


Life is certainly strange. One minute we are on a quiet hill. Wind is huffing and blowing. It is so quiet I can hear a pin drop. Now? We are immersed within the cheerfully bustling community of Bristol...ahem...Florenceville-Bristol. It seems like it all happened in the blink of an eye. I blinked. Everything changed.

I really like it here. I grew up about a half-hour's drive from here in a place called Holmesville (true potato country) and it feels good to be back "up river" as they say. I never dreamt in a million years we would end up here. But here we are just the same.

We are living in (so I've been told) the oldest house in Bristol. They say it is about 130 years old. Or more. I love that. It has lots of character. A few uneven floors (which I am paranoid about) and more room than I know what to do with. But it's all good. Very good. Change is good. 

And I am still tired. So that's it for now.