Friday, April 15, 2011


Render a cape for me. 
Build it with long stripes.
Make those stripes red and black and white.

Good balanced the evil.
Evil balanced the good.
And in the centre we find gravity.

In the centre we find blood.
Hot things.
Untouchable sources of life.

Our own personal form of gravity...
It is the life within.
The weaving loom.
The heart that swoons.

It is a lover’s kiss.
A gentle smile.
A twinkle of sunlight going on for miles.

And miles.
And miles.


My  father rolled over in his grave.
And then rolled right back again.

My mother walked the longest mile.
And then she walked right back again.

And I stepped in their shadow of feather-gifts from God.
And light surrounds me everywhere.
And love propels me here and there.

Yes--light surrounds me everywhere.
And Love propels me here and there.

But I am bone-tired.
And falling from my chair.


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