Thursday, April 28, 2011

Family. Friends and Handmade Gifts

Funerals aren't something anyone enjoys, I am sure. It's the celebration afterwards that seems to be the better part of a bad situation. By celebration I mean gathering. Death should be celebrated. A long and full life is a blessing. Transition from the tangible to the spiritual is mysterious and supernatural.
Curious for sure.

We attended a funeral today. The service was lovely. My sister offered up a eulogy. It was very well done. See, my grandmother's husband (my grandfather by marriage I guess you could say) passed away on April 26th. Most of our family gathered at my grandmother's place afterward and it was so nice to see everyone.

As for the deceased? His name was Tom and he was always very good to me when I was a kid. I have nothing but very fond and unique memories of him. Rest in Peace Ole Boy.


As for the Coughlin Clan? We are getting settled in. I've even hung curtains and baked a maple glazed ham--domestic goddess that I am. I've been feeling a strange lack of creativity (or so I thought) and it was disconcerting... the last thing I want right now is another struggle of artistic identity. I admire artists who are firmly on their paths. Some seem to know what they want and they seek it out come what may. That's pretty cool. I am not there yet... if ever.

I am on a path with (seemingly) many inlets and twisty-turny avenues. I am nowhere and everywhere. Well, it hit me yesterday that this new house, all its rooms and windows and nooks and crannies, have been my creative outlet for over a week now. Every move I make is a form of self-expression and that's a good thing I think. I love to create a warm and welcoming environment for my family. Is that forward or backward thinking? Where are we with that kind of thing these days?

I bought myself a new canvas today though. Just to be on the safe side. It's the little leaps of faith you know... 

I've got lots of space to display my paintings now. I will be showing them off properly as soon as a sunny day comes my way and I have a free hour or two with my baby Canon.

I met a potter on Tuesday. Her name is Henni Stanley. I went to the gallery in Hartland (NB) to see her work after the gallery co-ordinator  and good friend of mine (she knows who she is) told me the work would be on display all month long and was worth seeing. As luck would have it, Henni was there. I was just about to purchase a piece from her and when she realized that--she gave it to me. I was thrilled! 

I love a down-to-earth  generous and friendly artist. I also love to receive handmade gifts. Well? It's true. I do.

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