Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Can't Help How I Feel

I am putting this thought out there for the world to hear/read/see. I want you to know the truth about me. I am really not married. I am a lesbian and Ian is my cover.

Kidding. Ian and I are married for real. I am just trying to hook you. So did I get your attention? Yes? Great. And I like MEN. A lot :)

So the real truth is this: It is a lovely and magical experience to live here in these woods. The view is soothing. The solitude is calming. The wind is a reminder of the power of the elements. The trees offer sweetness. The house envelopes you with comfort especially if you love animals and appreciate the simple things in life.

My gardens are here and there. Sweet and unimposing. My children grew up in this house. From babies to who they are now. 

We have struggled. We have had good times and bad times and we have had starry nights, bonfires, fireworks, shooting stars, meteor showers, parties.

We have had all these things and still... my heart is changing. I want to move on from here and try something new. It's been ten years. Ten years I've committed to this lifestyle. Now I am craving a new landscape inwardly and outwardly.

Dear God help me. Am I losing my mind or finding it? 


  1. I love your mind.

    And if I recall.. there WAS that rumor in high school.