Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pain and Patience

Moving is more work than I remember and earlier today I didn't do myself any favors when I fell (partially) through a vent in the floor. Frantically I cleaned to make the house spotless (relatively speaking) for the new inhabitants and as I rushed around like a madwoman, I forgot I had removed the grate to a heating vent so I could vacuum the dust out and lo and behold I forgot to replace the vent cover and took a step and landed right in it. Worst of all, my new puppy (always one step behind me) did the same. She fell to the bottom floor and--luckily--landed on our bed. She's fine, but me? Not so much. I busted up my leg. I almost broke my leg I think.

So, now I am out of commission for at least half a day (optimistically) and think of all the stuff that needs done? Just think of it!

Oh well. Not today. Today I will have to tap into my patience reserve. It's running low but not totally depleted.

C'est la vie...

All my art supplies are packed and shipped to the new place already. I have one little sewing kit and a hoop. I am making the best of a transitional situation. I miss my art supplies very much.

This is my freeform nondescript embroidery project to keep me sane.

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