Saturday, April 9, 2011

What's Up?

We are definitely moving! The question is whether to sell or rent this place? Anyone interested in renting The Love Shack? Let me know. It comes with as much free pure maple syrup as you want to make. Two bedrooms. A basement that makes an excellent hang out spot for short people or tall people who don't mind having to watch their heads. Complete with wood stove for cold nights (and days). This is not place for prissy people or sissy people. You've got to be hearty and strong and ready to take on the elements at anytime. But the summers are magical and the winters are cozy.

Wood heat. Private. Nature. Walking trails. Trees. Fields. Sunsets. Migrating birds. Wildlife in unpredictable amounts. We have a swimming pool we are leaving behind (above ground obviously). A partially finished studio/shack. And so on and so forth. Rent is not too expensive. You'll have to pay your own heat and lights though. It's not a fancy place. It's a party place... or something.

Anyway~! We are moving to a little place called Bristol. Or, to be precise-Florenceville-Bristol as it is called after the town (village) of Bristol and the town of Florenceville amalgamated several years ago. Why are we moving? Don't get me wrong, I love this little place but it is very small and my kids are out growing up at a pace that scares me! We need more room. So, with hearts like feathers we are gearing up to go. I am very happy and excited.

In other news? I sold my first print of "Incision". This makes me very happy. I am so thrilled to know my artwork is connecting with woman across the globe who have had similar birth experiences as my own.

I felt like having a little fun with painting yesterday so I painted a Scottish Terrier surrounded by butterflies. It's pretty cute. Illustrative and storybook like... Available in my Etsy Shop.

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