Monday, May 2, 2011

New Moon Rise

With a new moon comes new thoughts. Life unfolds like the petals of a rose sometimes. Other times it unfurls like a greasy brown bag balled up in a ditch. Let's focus on the former and forget about the latter for a time (a life time?).

So we all know I believe in circles and cycles--don't we? Well, if you didn't know that about me now you do. As it happens life presented me with a chance to refresh my mind. My ideals. I've figured out a few things about myself. I have unique and specific tastes. I cannot help it. Round and round we go until we reach the core.

The plunge I am almost sure I am going to take is approaching... I am thinking it is time I just take the leap of faith and do it. By it I mean homeschool Isaiah and Olivia. I've been wanting to. It's been a curious decision to make for me... I've basically come to this one thought "Why wouldn't I homeschool my kids?" The more I research the idea the more I realize what a perfect fit it would be for us as a family. So there you go.

It's my lack of confidence in every decision I make that keeps my feet firmly planted on the ground. I've learned that's not such a bad thing. Tempered with a little faith and patience it seems to be a very decent way to go about life.

Come new moon. I've never be anxious for one before. Now I am.

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