Friday, May 6, 2011

Rainbow Trout and Other Fine Things

We are enjoying this place. We went on a hike on Tuesday and discovered the skeleton of a coyote completely intact. It was fascinating to see one up close, little terrorists that they have become.

The waters of the Shiktehawk river rushed by so fast. So high. It was beautiful and a bit frightening... on the precipice of the trail one misstep and all I could do was think of my clumsiness and the fall that would lead me to the bottom of those waters. But I did not slip. I was very careful and safe. Next time I hope to actually relax.

Life near water has been good to us. Already we've had a few luxuries.

We ate the biblical fair of loaves and fishes, quite literally, that same night of our hike. Ian brought home rainbow trout and my sister had given us the loaves of bread. We ate it all and it felt like the feast of kings. Try this simple meal... Jesus knew what he was doing.

Fiddleheads will be poking their noggins out of the ground very soon. My mom told me there is enough growing behind our house to provide a good meal. I can't wait to pick them and eat them. The more I settle in here the more I feel like I have come home. To my real home... like when I was a kid and we ate fiddleheads until we were so sick of them. I have always loved trout. Salmon.

The river. The brook. The singing birds. It reminds me of when we lived in Simonds and I woke to their song every morning. When evening approached the river cooled the summer air and filled it with a sweet and gentle sense of calm. I have missed living near water. I used to go for long walks and listen to music and savor the time alone.

But the real fun is the deeper memories of my childhood. Carefree. Wandering fields. Walking for what seemed like forever to make it to the Sutton Bridge for a swim. Swinging from a rope and dropping into the copper colored waters. Playing all day. Coming home with tired eyes wild hair and the smell of summer time all over me. A bath. Clean pyjamas. Bedtime. Sleep. Peace. I was a happy kid for the most part.

I think we are exactly where we belong. The folks at Glenn's grocery have been particularly friendly as well and that helps a lot.


  1. I used to live by the water, Cape Cod Bay actually, and now live near the Berkshire Hills, an area with falls, rivers and ponds. Gotta say the hills really have it over the flat of the ocean. Miss the salt aroma from time to time; maybe if I relocated to the tides I'd feel it was the best? Good luck, Princess!! What's up with the painting?

  2. Ahhh--painting! Well? I am still trying to organize my new space. Then? I have a solo exhibit in September and I'd like to have a few new pieces to show. I haven't touched a brush in almost a month now. I think that is the longest I've ever gone without painting. Crazy.