Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weep Not For Luna

Weep Not For Luna

by Jody Coughlin

Her wings sing out to gentle moon
She shall be dead come high noon
A life so brief and she sought love
Alighted upon the swooning dove

Speckled is the night-life light
Beating swiftly her heart took flight
Swarming blindly in the dark
Her eyes see through her little heart

Luna Moth the governed green
Living darkness remains unseen
Heralding a summer's eve
Not many hours til she leaves

She swims through air toward his light
Swooping swirling in her plight
To love him dear so hard and fast
To feast upon copulative repast

And in the distance flickers flare
Fire flies are everywhere
The kindly night will have her way
We will love before break of day

By morning time they all shall die
A fleeting life will pass her by
But she knew what it's all been for
For his love and love is pure

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