Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Ok... I am going insane!

Why did I get two dogs?
How was I supposed to know I would end up living on Main Street?
Why do my children challenge me every time I tell them it's bedtime?
Why do dogs have to bark so much?
Why can't they just hum quietly or something?

Why does gossip have to piss me off so much?
Why do people compare their life to other's and feel like they come up short?
Why do I have to have a headache right now?
Why are my nerves on edge?
Why can't I just go for a walk instead of having to negotiate with the kids about when and where and why do I have two dogs that need walks daily and never listen and always try to run into the road while everyone across the street is staring and I am in my pyjamas and my hair is a disaster and my heart is in my throat?

Why does Pepper have to keep breaking her collars?
Should I give my dogs away?
Should I shoot myself in the head?

Why do my kids want a snack after they have brushed their teeth before bed?
Why can't I just sit here and zone out for a minute... just one minute?
Why does my sister hate me?
Why do people think we are cannot afford the things we have?
Why do families have to fall apart?
Why do people gossip and say mean things about each other?
Why does the full moon have sway over people's moods?

Why is it that I prefer my hair when it is not in dreadlocks?
Why do I like the color bronde--brown-blonde?
Why is David Bowie so sexy and so unattractive at the same time?

Why can't beer be cheaper?
Why is oil the stupidest most expensive thing in the world?
Why is the system so (bleeped)?
Why did it threaten to rain all evening but never actually rained?
Why doesn't the government send postage paid envelopes once in a while?
Why didn't they have to inform us about changes to the registration notice that used to come in the mail once a year?
Why can't I get around and get my mail redirected?

Why did Johnny Cash have to cover Hurt and make me feel sad for him?
Why are my children's eyes turning a greenish color with a ring of hazel around the pupil?
Why are Ian's eyes the color of root beer in the sunlight?
Why are my eyes blue?
Why are Lily of the Valley so cute?
Why did that dead frog I saw last week have to look so alive until I crouched down to speak to it and then finally noticed the blood oozing out of its eye socket and its mouth?

Just wondering...


  1. Again you made me laugh and cry all at the same time!

    Why do my kids want a snack after they have brushed their teeth before bed? < Yes, WHY?????

    And the last one really got me too :( Awe <3

  2. Just another day in the life. Another notch in the ole belt. :)