Friday, June 3, 2011

Coma Deer

Coma Deer

A Princess ran a country mile and fell an inch worm's foot.
Long way down.
Way way down.

The gooey mud like vitamins under her nails.
She lugged it in pails and pails and pails.
So many fires to put out.
So many fires that burn unseen.
Kill the flame with flowers.
Kill it with dead grass.

Near the water the Princess lay.
Sleeping in a castle made of wood and windows.
Soft bed.
Warm lights.

Where am I?

...I kinda like it in a coma.

Where are we?

... beep.

Who are you?

... beep.



Born in the rhythm of clockwork.
These machines are not my momma.
These doctors are not my poppa.



... don't make me come back to this world.
Ever again.





Meanwhile--on planet mars:

Hide my fleshy heart.
Beating in the dark.
Coursing blood all around.
All through this brain that dreams and finds you there waiting there for me.
In the darkness but under a light.
A street light.
A crossroad.
A guide.
A sign.

Carry me over the canyon.
I've lost my wings and I cannot fly.
Please don't let me go.
Never let me go.

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