Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Up With the Birdies

Another photo of my bathroom. Oops. How'd that get there?

Everything feels so new to me again. I was up this morning at 5 am... wanting to take on the day. Trying not to wake Ian (as if I could) and barely able to contain myself over the fact that here, in this new place, I can revert to my oldest and dearest pleasure--gardening! I loved to work in a garden. I love the soil under my nails. The smell of dirt (yes the smell). I've got it all planned out: climbing roses. Lavender. Straw flowers and ranunculus. I couldn't grow these things before because we had too much shade and the constant wind left the soil drained and dry. I forgot I knew all this stuff about gardening and planting. Did you know I am a Certified Landscaper? No? Well, that's what I was in my pre-Ian babies marriage reporter artist days.

By 7 am I couldn't help myself any longer. I went outside and worked away on a few minor projects. The bird song is at its peak at this hour (hello birds). It's a little freaky to have all those people at the store across the street within my periphery. I don't think I will ever get used to that. But I donned my Zsa Zsa Gabor sunglasses and pretended they couldn't see me. I threw on some headphones and cranked up another old fav of mine: RHCP. I love those boys so much I could giggle.

Life is so sweet sometimes. Yup.

Around noon we went down to the brook that runs behind our house and splashed around. The kids swam and the dogs swam and I skipped rocks way down by the river like I used to. I am getting older and feeling younger!?

Life is so much easier here than it was up on the mountain. No wind. No crazy huge spiders. No coyotes howling in the distance to scare the kids. No moose or bears. No more unending solitude. No more verdant backwoods. But there is waterways and people and friendly faces and a lot of things seem to be coming around full circle. I've said it once and I will say it again--God exists in the roundness of things... I know this much is true.

And no offense to all you Woodstock (NB) peeps but I am so f*ing glad to be away from that (expletive) town I could do the happy dance... but I won't. Well, I might. Yeah--between me and the 'Stock--it's personal. I would rather puke than go there if I can help it. Closed window blinds and money-fixated lifestyles? Bleck. Finally free. I mean, I still go there once every other week or so. But that's about it.

I am thinking very seriously of taking a long loooooonnnng reprieve from painting. I think so. Yup. There's so much else to do! I do have this lovely purple lace cape/shawl thing to show off soon (I didn't know this until recently but I can actually sew and design some fairly cute stuff other than change purses and carrots and bowling pins). It'll be done in the next few days. I think.

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