Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boast and Burst

If you want to make a living (or something like it) as an artist there are a few key things to remember. One? Well, don't get too caught up in other's opinion of your work. Some will love it. Some will hate it. Some will want to tear you down. Some will want to lift you up. Artists come in all shapes are varieties. It's just one big toss-up as to how well you will do or not do when you show your work.

The point is (so I am learning) to remain close to your personal vision.   Ok. Honestly, how many times have we all heard this little speech? What I am trying to tell you is... when you are putting yourself out there as an artist, expect weird things to happen. Expect people to say things that will make you want to scream. Expect people to do things that make you want to cry. Good tears today. Bad tears tomorrow. I really do think I've seen it or heard it all. For the most part, it's all pretty fantastic.

I mentioned I was in a show this passed weekend. It was called Paint the Heartland and though I had said I would keep it all hush hush, I decided, since I found out I was more successful this year than I had originally hoped, I would brag a little. I figured I deserved to give myself a little praise because I work so damned hard and I never know if I am up or down. Coming or going. In or out. Up or down... in. Out. Coming... coming... going. Go. Ing.

Ha! It's like that... messy and crazy and confusing!! But I do want to share my happy news with you, dear reader.

My beautiful Black Friday Medusa (see her up on the wall?) has sold. She's gone. Good-bye sweet painting. I will miss her. She stood vigil over my household for a while. I also sold my rendition of Van Gogh's water lilies. Yet another happy painting. Yay for the Princess, eh? Yup. Yay.

In other news... This is my latest drawing. It's about a popped rouge balloon. Pop. Dead. Deflated. Like me. At one time. Not now. But then. Back then...

Available here.

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