Sunday, July 31, 2011

Helen and Paris

I have finally finished my huge painting! This one is all mine. I made it specifically for my living room (stupid term) which has enormous walls. Who would have thought I would ever have space large enough to hold a 4'x4' canvas? Well, in fact, I have enough room for two. Or more.

I've developed a strange penchant for colors that shimmer. Golds. Silvers. Anything with a reflective quality, really. I love the quality of shimmering paints (I used paints that were already sparkly or I added a media that would give regular paints a little glint). What you end up with is a painting that takes on different qualities as the light changes throughout the day and night. You'll never get tired of looking at it because it's always changing.

As I've mentioned, I drew my inspiration (somewhat) from Klimpt. I wanted to really create a lot of patterns and colors and so on. In the end, I realized my version is a little bit "pre-school" in comparison. But a girl does like to dream. And try. And learn. And paint.

I am very very happy with this painting. I do love it. Very much.

I took a lot of photos so I could show you. Here they are:

"Helen and Paris"
Acrylic on Canvas



  1. Ugh pre-school uhh uhh honey this not hardly pre-school. This absolutely gorgeous its too bad I can't see it in person 48x48 wow that's huge and yes metallic paints that shimmer in the light are the best.