Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Among the Clouds

I don't know if you saw the cloud face on the front page of the Grand-Falls local newspaper (the Star?? Is it?) but it was pretty cool if you ask me. Cool because it made people stop and think about what they see. Like the sky was giving an art lesson or something...

So here, I present my cool cloud photos. I took these last night while I was at the RCMP Musical Ride with my family. I have pictures of them, too. But for now, I really want to show you the clouds because it's my blog and I will write about clouds instead of policemen if I want to. 

(here we have the awesome beard and alien hand cloud formations)

(this is just pretty)

(open for interpretation?)

(heart shaped cloud--almost)

(phallus? maybe not)

(I don't know about you but I see a face and a mouth either releasing something into the air or inhaling something from the air...)

Yes, this is how I spend my time.
Yes. It is. Yup.

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