Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mistresspiece Theatre

"I should warn you... One of us always tells the truth. And one of us always lies."

That's my favorite line in the movie Labyrinth. The word Labyrinth reminds me of David Bowie. I find David Bowie oddly striking. I find the quote to be a real gem as far as quotes go, too. It's like being two-faced, but not. It's like being confused about everything and happily so--but not. It's about no matter how many times you go over the idea behind your purpose in life you get it all mixed up somewhere along the line. Or not. I'm perpetually unsure...

Consequently, some may think I (if I were one of the gate keepers) have to the potential to be something of a liar but I am not really a liar at all. I could be schizophrenic except I am not. I have a head of my own and a body of my own. I am just who I am and the person next to me is who he (or she) is . We are who we are. One lies. One does not. One tells the truth. One does not. Riddle. Riddle. Riddle.

Confused yet? That's the point. You're supposed to be confused!


This is what was on my mind this morning. ???

So yeah. Anyway. Enough about movies.

It's been a little quiet around this blog. I've been painting like crazy.
Want to see? You do? Good. Scroll on my brothers and sisters...

acrylic on canvas
untitled (for now)


It just occurred to me that maybe it's the upturned eyebrow thing that I like. ???

Odd. Don't try this at home, boys. You need a professional to get this kind of look. This is not an androgynous thing... 

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