Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Rare Glimpse

Premise: I made these with my phone. It's not an Iphone or anything. Just a cheap cell. The quality is bad and so far the family feedback is this: weird. flakey. and so on. So with that in mind?
Well? I am who I am.

A Rare Glimpse:
I present you with a brief studio tour.

Please enjoy.
Or not.




  1. Ok, that WAS a rare glimpse. Your voice..., I didn't imagine it that way. I like Nora Jones but I wondered yesterday: "why not the voice of the artist?"
    Thanks for the glimpse/treat!
    Oh, ya, I like the li'l sound of the northland ...I bet I'll listen again!

  2. Now you know... this is what I sound like if ever I called you :)