Friday, November 4, 2011

The Latest

Art news:

My exhibit is at an end at the W. W. Craig Gallery. I have a feeling it will be my last one there before the building is shut-down, repurposed, and the library/gallery migrates up the hill. I feel myself expanding inwardly. I feel the world expanding outwardly. This is a luke-warm kind of thing. Something about it makes me happy and something about it makes me sad. 

I made two sales. I am very happy about that.

Current artwork news:

I am exploring: the process of creating layers of dramatic media.
                         the joy of cute little landscapes. 

In vehicular news:

Our car died a week or two ago. Time for a new one. Ugh. I hate the whole process... well, except the driving a new(er) car around part. That part I enjoy. Immensely. Vroom vroom. 

We drove past my super-old alma mater(s) on Halloween night and the lights were on in the gym and then I recalled the dances we used to have there and how much fun I had. I wore my hair on the side of my head in a long pony tail. Crimped. That was such a stupid long time ago. Locomotion indeed.

In literary news:

I still haven't finished my book, but it's coming along at a dead snail's pace. I am currently engrossed in the deeply intricate fabric of A Song of Ice and Fire series written by George R. R. Martin. Of, of course, Game of Thrones fame. Which I knew nothing about until I saw the series on HBO. So, there you go. Not a super-proud moment for me in terms of discovery, but nonetheless very entertaining. Diverting. I must say. 

What I mean by that is I prefer my books to fall from the shelf and into my hand as fates see fit to befall me. I do it that way. I've always done it that way. I will hopefully continue to do it that way again in three years when I am finally finished this five-book series. I am on book two. Book two is a gazillion pages long. But, again... diverting. Yum yum.

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