Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fly Away on a Zephyr

Let me tell you, for starters, I would never set foot on a skateboard or any kind of equivalent. I am a little frightened of most things with wheels. So, when I say I'll fly away on a zephyr--my zephyr--I do not mean a board of any kind. I do not mean a manmade instrument meant to propel you through space. No.

I mean the wind. The light. The coolness of the starry sky. I flew to the old familiar places inside my soul every spare minute I could find these last few weeks. I wanted that even more than I wanted sleep. Imagine that, if you will.

I painted while I was in that moment. The moment. And that is what I have to share with you now. It is my humble offering, my church song, my burning candle and my silent prayers.

This painting has been re-worked. I started it about 7 years ago. It was initially a portrait of a musician I had fallen madly in love with. It was essentially lifeless regardless of my depth of devotion, but it was still a painting worthy of some attention. I held on to it knowing one day I would get a chance to figure out what I wanted it to become.

When I paint I paint with the ever changing light in mind. I paint with digital alteration in mind. I paint when I am out of my mind. So, there it all is. Right there.

I have broken through some personal walls lately. I feel like a lot of little things are going in the right direction in my mind. It makes a big difference. Baby steps. Steps. Running. Tumbling. Falling. Getting back up. Walking. Slowly. Walking.

You get the idea.

About the painting...

I need the light to dance. I need the shadows to shift. I need to see the awkward phases and the beautiful phases. I need to see the lines. The depths. The emotion. I need to get it all out onto the canvas. After all, it's not just a painting--this is me trying to tell you (and you and you) how I feel. I feel.

Feast your eyes. Feast your heart. Leave a little for me.

"I Believe."
Mixed media on canvas.

(see the light reflecting off of her cheek?)


  1. I love how you write and how you photograph your work. You inspire me! Lets keep each other inspired. :)

  2. Thank-you! I think that's a fine idea :)