Friday, December 2, 2011

I Am Not The Girl I Was

Hello. Well, another year has passed. Not for everyone. For me. My birthday. And so, the turning of the cycle is complete for now. Now? I have a poem to share. 

I Am Not The Girl I Was
by: Jody Coughlin

I am not the girl I was. 
Love came falling from above.
A starry sky surrounded me.
On and on so I could see.

In the stillness of the night. 
Snowflakes danced without the light.
They tumbled near the shadowed wall.
Gently silently thus they fall.

And coyotes yelped with bothered cries.
A rabbit screamed and then she died.
A wolf howled to distant moon.
Full on white and waning soon.

I knock-back the the northern air.
Drunk on sound and sight and beer.
While wind whistled his sullen sound.
Over root and rock and ground.

The blue-black sky, it beckoned me.
Too, the branches of the iron tree.
Bowed to offer so much love.
And then? I was not the girl I was.

I was not the girl I was.
I took wings just like a dove.
My spirit soared over field and plane.
Swooping swirling again again.

A strange contrast in the dark.
Took me by the strings of heart.
It pulled me to my stars above.
Then? I was not the girl I was.

Was not.
The girl I was.

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