Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mouth Off I

It's a curious thing, dear reader, that jealousy seems to be the blanket statement made when someone has a reaction to certain stimuli. Anger, resentment? These emotions bear strong resemblance to jealousy.

Let's dig deeper, though. Let's talk about the blood beneath the skin.

We get angry when we feel threatened. We feel threatened when our security is compromised. Our security is compromised when we choose to not express how we feel (baring random/heinous acts of violence). When we stop expressing how we feel we become targets.

We become cesspools for the opportunists.
We fade a little in our souls.

One day, we realize we will choke on our tongues that we bite so hard to keep silent.
One day, the blood tastes a little too repulsive. The bile just a little too sour.
We open our mouths.
Sometimes this means opening our entire everything.
We vomit the words.
We purge.
We speak.
A feeling.
A point of view.
Obscure? Maybe.
Old? Probably.
But if it was choked down, it is still in there somewhere.
The body cannot digest hollow tin cans.

So it all comes out.
Everything. Every hostile little thing.
Out it comes.
Out in the form of barbs.
Out in the form of wire.
All bloody.
All hurting.
Guts ripped up inside.
Stomach turned to acid.
Throat raw.
Eyes burning.
Tears pouring down.


And it wasn't the nicest thing you've ever done.
It wasn't all smiles and sympathy.

And it doesn't matter that nobody knows what you are talking about.
It only matters that your head is clear.
Your heart is clean.
You don't want to gauge out your own eyes anymore.

And they call it one thing...
They lay it down like a baby on a blanket...
You are jealous.
You are put to sleep.
Silenced and lulled to sleep.

By boredom.

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