Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thickening the Skin

"... all this vagueness and the exact art of sending love across as small space."


Writing the truth about who and what it is you really want in life is a dangerous game.
Revealing true thoughts to the masses can get you lynched in a Woodstock minute.
And I hate that with the passion of fire. But the burgeoning art scene is much much cooler than I ever dared hope.
Too bad I've been busy giving up on myself.
I could use a little ice to cool my brain.
I think I've gone insane.
A time or two or three...

The full moon rests in my belly cold like stone. Ice dances on the window pane looking like a dream.
I jump off the merry-go-round just as it swings round and round under the white birch tree.
Branches sway. Shadows play.

We all fall down.

We all fall.

We do.
It is true.

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