Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'm sitting here... just sitting here with butterflies of hesitation trying to flutter on up to my brain. I've been on an Adele kick this past week. I've cranked it up and sobbed like a love-sick kitten. Whoa. Where did all this come from? Am I inherently ridiculous? Are these pent up emotions share worthy or am I the girl people shake their head at? I hope it's the former and a little of the latter. Can't we talk about our broken things?

It's just... well? This woman is so amazingly beautiful when she sings. I'm dazzled. I want to wring my hands and talk about love. I want to wear subtle lip gloss, elegant heels and a little black dress. I want to slow dance with my husband as she sings softly from the speakers in the corner of the room. I want to overlook the ocean on a balmy summer night. I want to sip wine in candlelight.

Drown me in all this talk of love. All this silky sadness and pain. The broken heart and unrequited love.

I feel like there is something inside my spirit that is just about to break through the surface. The soil. I feel the newness of newness trying to grow up and up and out.  My God-Power about to sprout.

I am the kind of girl who laughs at awkward moments and at funerals. You know... to dispel the tension.

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  1. The one song that i always cry to is Pink's Perfect. I can never listen to that one without sobbing.