Thursday, March 22, 2012

Traveling On and On and On

From NB to Baltimore and everywhere in between and a few places beyond. Wonder where I've been? I've been on VACATION! Here goes...

Olivia was my traveling buddy.

She's got a thing for animal hats.

I think this is Hartford, Connecticut. 

A tunnel with lots of yellow lights.

Myself in the mirror. Obligatory shot, right?

To New York!

In New York City!

Classic. Yeah.

Did I mention we were going on a cruise to the Bahamas?

Our balcony. Awesome view. Wonderful weather. Comfy bathrobes.

Serious date night at the Taj Mahal lounge (Carnival Pride).

At the pool under the glass dome.

The goddess of the swim.

Ian looking rather hawttt. xxoo

Ready for date number two at the Taj Mahal lounge.

Tired boy. No photos, please!

A stop in Florida means a trip on an air boat through the Everglades. This was so much fun!
Alligators everywhere!

Olivia holding an opossum who failed every test to be reintroduced into the wild. 
The people at C.A.R.E. take good care of her. 

Me and my love.

Nassau. I am not even kidding. Look at the blue!

The drive home... this is near the Poconos in Penn. State. I thought the ivy was fetching.


Things to keep me busy (and sane).

Massachusetts or maybe this is Connecticut? It's hard to keep it straight...

Of course, these are not all of my photos... just a glimpse. I'm saving the artsy shots for later. It's good to be home. Sorta.

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