Thursday, April 5, 2012

Magic Rooms

(This photo has nothing to do with this post. I just like it so I decided to put it up here.)

I love it when artists share photos of their studios on the various available social media sites. Google may have saved my life. I dunno...

I thought about the word studio this evening. It is a ponderously high-born kind of word. It's a word, I think, we revere for an infinite amount of reasons. Studio is another way of saying magic room and who doesn't want to spend as much time as possible in a room made strictly for magic? I ask you?

So, I think my vacation did me a world of good because I've been rather obsessed with the colour blue.

The further south we went the bluer the water became. I expected a sudden shift from our murky green/black ocean waters to the vibrant bright blue of the Caribbean and all the various shades in between. What I didn't expect was the pure shade of the most gorgeous navy blue water I have ever seen. Ever!

I think we were somewhere near the Carolinas when the ocean started to turn heartbreakingly beautiful navy blue. I couldn't take my eyes off of that water. My respect for nature and my love for Creation went to a whole new level that day. What a good day it was. I've always loved being near the ocean.

There is:

Magic everywhere.
Magic in my room.
Magic in the ocean.
Magic in the sun.
Everything is so beautiful.

Oh... and my husband got a raise today. That's also beautiful.

Good news worth sharing.

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