Thursday, April 26, 2012

Women's Lib and Other Fine Things

I've had many things on my mind lately. I really don't know where to begin... I am busy. I've been busy. Joyfully busy and not stupid-going-insane busy. Quietly content. I've been fixing up our house in bits an pieces. If not that then throwing wood into the basement in preparation for next winter (only in New Brunswick do we prepare for winter before summer even hits). It's sort of confusing to say the least. So, I don my headphones and try not to think about it too deeply while I work. It's amazing exercise at any rate. A good dose of Vitamin D.

I was able to successfully diffuse a very heated argument between Ian and myself today by slowing down, taming my temper (ooooh that temper) and explaining exactly what my problem was with the world in general today. I was a little cranky, you see. Yes, yes. It happens. I know, hard to believe, right?

I consider it to be a success beyond measure when I avoid an argument. It's not always all about the fame and glory, after all. What were we arguing about, really? Nothing. When we unraveled the crossed wires husband and wife often have to mess with we realized it was nothing.

I just needed to explain myself in a way that didn't involve a feral she-growl. Of course! Eureka! 

How many times in my life has that sharp tongue of mine gotten me into trouble with the people I care about? Oh... countless times. I wake up every day in view of the ideals of rebirth because I really hate strife and I am getting too old to be stubborn and I desire peace in my life above many things.

***Note to self. Must change growl to tiny kitten mew. Much more effective in the end. Efficient.

-- and a part of me is wondering if women's liberation took a step forward or a step back today???
The burning question, indeed.

So, it was a fruitful day in that way.

In another way I am exhibiting a few new paintings I call "The Riverbank Collection" (which may or may not be a tongue-in-cheek thing to call it) at Connell House this evening during a concert.

Oooh la la la!

Ian suggested it (the title of the series) and since I loved it (the title) so much and since I am always demanding his input I took his idea and went with it. I laughed a little about it. It's cute and a little  wonky.

Like my art. Like me.

Here's some new stuff.

"Sad Vampier"
6x9 inches.
Gouache on paper.

4x4 inch prints mounted on 4x4x1.5 inch painted canvases.

 Drawings on watercolour paper superimposed on painted 4x4x1.5 inch canvases.


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