Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I've been getting up with the sunrise. I love the early mornings. Especially living near water. Everything comes alive just as dawn approaches and it's so sweet. Everything seems happy and bubbly.

I've been working and working and working at fixing up the house just the way I like it. I've moved the furniture around. Painted walls. Hung curtains. This house would make at least three maybe four of our last house. With that comes three or four times the amount of work. It seems like there is always something that I need or want to do. No rest for the wicked... but I am not complaining. Oh no! I love being a housewife. A domestic goddess. A purveyor of biscuits, comfy rooms and snoozing kitties. I also love to document my day in great photographic detail. Or so it would seem!


Badu and Bonners the cats.

Kiddies in the newly painted "cottage" room.

The other end of the "cottage" room.

 My new studio room is starting to look a little more like home. 

Badu sleeping high up on a shelf.

My decorating project/masterpiece.

The staple of our household (lately)... Biscuits à la  my mom's world famous biscuit recipe.

Momma's Day carnations from my kiddies.

A blooming gerbera daisy.


Where I plan to spend a lot of time reading this summer.

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