Monday, May 28, 2012

Tend the Nest

I think (I THINK) my sister has divorced her husband. I am not sure because I am never sure about what I hear. I hear a lot of things. Not all of it is true. That is the only thing I know for sure. For sure.

So, I've always had more than a hard time letting go. I hold on to people and ideas of people well past the due date of the relationship. I am an "in this for life" kind of aunt. The sad thing is, I cry all the time about it and come off as an emotional wreck.

I am overly committed to my concept of  myself on that level. However, it is just a concept. You can only go so far these days with all this divorcing going on. It's like living in a mind field.

I've realized it is driving me insane trying to hold on to the idea of my sister and her (EX?) working it out. It's time to let it all drift out into the atmosphere. Poof. I don't know what else to do. Is this where we are now in life? Just let go? I think so.

I hate that within my immediate periphery I see a crash unfold. My eyes can't seem to take it in. I cry all the time about it because I feel like somebody has died.

Maybe it is my perception of myself that is dying. Maybe it is time to shed a little skin. Maybe.

On a positive note... I can hear baby birds whining for their breakfast. It's like living in a nursery here today. I love it! You only hear this stuff early in the morning.

In art news:

-I entered THIS. My work has been accepted for publication.

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